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Dog Walks

Depending on your pets needs and your preferences, I offer group and solo walks.

All dogs are collected, secured safely in my vehicle and taken to local fields and parks. After their walk they will then be returned home happy and tired. 

Group Walks 

£14 for 60 minutes

Additional dog from the same household £8

Solo walks

£18 for 60 minutes

Weekend Walks

£20 for 60 minutes

Pet Sitting & Overnight Stays

Dog sitting & overnight stays can be provided within your home whilst you are away so your dog is never without attention and play. This is a great way to make sure your dog remains as stress free as possible without having to leave it's familiar surroundings. 

Full Day Service £30

Overnight Stays £45

Daycare (Monday - Friday) £35 

Whether you have to go out to work or away for the day, doggy daycare is the perfect solution so that your pooch can enjoy a day of attention and play. This services includes group walks during the day, playtime and relaxation before their journey back home.  


House Visits

Designed for when you’re out all day and you just need someone to pop in. I can feed, fill up water bowls, take them outside and spend some time with them to break up their day. 

£10 per hour

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